Darkov Spa is a leading spa and rehabilitation resort in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest iodine spas in Europe. Our Spa is worldwide known for the iodine-bromine brine. Our resort is specialised in the treatment of locomotive, nervous and circulatory system, skin and gynaecological diseases. In addition, conditions after injuries, surgeries and cerebrovascular events and burns are also successfully treated here.

Every year we help more than 15000 clients.


"I came here with knee ligaments injury that limited me in normal activities. IMOOVE rehabilitation helped me to get back to the condition again. The knee was more stable, stronger and I felt more certain. Even walking up the stairs does not make me any trouble." Pavel, 38 years





"After being diagnosed with endometriosis I was preparing for my IVF in this spa. Their curative procedures supported everything and helped me with conceiving. I´m so happy.“ Tracy Smith, USA


„I´'ve been going to Darkov with psychomotor retardation which affected my development since I was 4. There I underwent a special rehabilitative program REOTHERAPY. Now my parents can barely keep up with me!“ Anna, Russia


"I’m stuck in a wheelchair since I was 22 and despite all the rehabilitation, I‘ve never had a significant improvement. I´ve slowly lost my motivation for further rehabilitation. I was advised to try the ReoAmbulator and it finally helped. I cannot even describe the great feeling when I could stand up and take a few steps. I´ve got a new impulse to life and thank you very much for that." Roman P., Prostějov